Every new generation of wireless internet networks comes with a lot of features and applications. 5G technology is no exception and has put a lot of focus on the Internet of devices and the development of artificial intelligence. If we want to name some of the advances in this technology, we must describe them as follows:

• Improvement and development of bandwidth since 2020
• Extraordinary and commendable power connection to devices
• Very low latency in connecting to different devices and sending data

Since some executive commands on smart and self-driving cars require very high speeds to perform the correct operation, it can be said that one of the best applications of the fifth generation of the Internet is driving this type of car.
5G Internet can support all the capabilities of LAN services as well as external Internet network such as WAN. Such facilities are provided due to the support of various services such as WiFi, Z Wave, Lora, 3G and 4G. It should also be noted that the technology of the fifth generation of mobile Internet is smarter.