About Us


Marab Mahbod was originally formed in 2003 as a privately owned company under stock structure ownership by the founders Mr. Assari and Mr. Ghaemi Nejad, with the goal of successfully entering the Iranian construction market. The first major project included the construction of Phase 2 of the Pool and Sports Complex of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization Welfare Complex, this was concurrent with the growth of the company structure attracting new partners in 2005. The new partners included Mr. Baghani and Mr. Esmaili, who had been co-founders of a nuclear power plant, demonstrating their ambitions as capable engineers. The four co-founders started the board of directors, making up the aggregate list of shareholders. After progressing to achieving their short-term, mid-term and long-term objectives, the team aggressively won different projects and successfully delivered famous landmarks around the country. In 2014, less than 10 years since establishment, the company succeeded to become certifed with a Builders Rank 2 Accreditation from the Management and Planning Organization of Iran (MPOA). This is a remarkable achievement considering this short period, which bears testament to the qualified and successful leadership team. Since establishment, Marab Mahbod has always considered itself committed to workplace health and safety and promoting valuable human capital. Hence by promoting technical knowledge towards safety in design and on the construction site, the Board of Directors have successfully built an enthusiastic and efficient workforce. Optimizing the project life-cycle costs is a direct result of continual training, safety in design, and the use of advanced hardware and software equipment on site. The senior managers at Marab Mahbod focus heavily on environmental impacts, community impacts, and other risk impact assessments throughout construction phases to ensure there are limited social consequences. In a systematic manner Marab Mahbod has implemented the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, and obtained certification from TUV – NORD Quality Assurance company. Marab Mahbod takes all reasonable steps to preserve the environment responsibly by appropriately managing material life-cycles, including the correct disposal of waste materials and other pollutants. This includes separating at the source, considering the observations, and correct controls with chemicals and oil products. In the administrative divisions, the company has also eliminated paper waste within its own administrative cycle to the extent of adopting an integrated ERP system. The company shares the duty towards preserving the environment in sustainable ways, and transfer this duty and trust to future generations.


The privately-owned construction company Marab Mahbod was established in 2005 by a group of experienced and motivated engineers. The company has since expanded significantly by working with experienced associates and a team of experts, specialists and talented engineers who all work hard to ensure the best results for clients. Marab Mahbod provides comprehensive project management towards planning, feasibility costing, evaluations, design documentation, and professional advice throughout the construction phases for small to large projects. This includes both project contracts and self funded projects throughout Iran. The company has structured, standardized and regulated processes from top to bottom, including senior management and all of the organizations staff to improve project performance. In this regard, Marab Mahbod has successfully been accredited with OHSAS18001, NACI, HSE ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 Regulations. In addition to compliance with IMS Guidelines as supervised and certified by TUV – NORD under strict quality assurances. Marab Mahbod has also obtained a Builders Rank 2 accreditation from the Management and Planning Organization of Iran (MPOA). This includes back up information systems, effective management collaboration, strong teamwork, access to a pool of industry experience, and an integrated structure to successfully deliver projects to the clients benefit. The senior managers firmly believe experienced staff is the most valuable asset of any successful organization. Hence, Marab Mahbod upholds the highest calibre of quality by holding training courses in continuous development of staff knowledge and competence. In return our organization’s culture reflects a high level of enthusiasm towards successful project delivery and career growth. Marab Mahbod is well-positioned to successfully deliver construction projects to higher standards, integrity and quality than ever before. Which is why after a decade, the company is focused on it’s international expansion strategy throughout the region. It is hoped that we can make history of this construction industry during this period of time.